Although Mykonos has a reputation for being party central, there’s plenty of opportunity for low-key time.  This part of the Cyclades was first inhabited around 3,000 BC by a seafaring tribe known as the Carians. Subsequent occupants included the Minoans, the Ionians, the Venetians and the Turks. Delos, the island adjacent to Mykonos was the place of worship for ancient civilizations both passing through and living on the Cyclades for thousands of years. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and archaeological complex and it’s just a short water taxi ride from Mykonos.

Something to keep in mind during the summer months is the Meltemi winds, coming from the North.  These winds are great if you’re into windsurfing, but probably not if you’re trying to find your zen.  So unless it’s an unusually calm day, you’ll want to stick to the beaches on the South side of the island.