Tinos Island is famous for the pilgrimage site of Panagia Evangelistria, a diverse landscape that ranges from barren to green mountains, for its over 50 typical Cycladic villages, and for the nearly 1,000 dovecotes decorated with stone geographic motifs. It’s also known as a place where people actually live.  Meaning, people on Tinos actually have jobs outside the tourism industry. And then it has all of the other things you’re looking for on a Greek island vacation: picturesque streets, fantastic beaches, and good wine and food. All of these things make Tinos a great choice for a down-to-earth Greek island that’s not inundated with tourists. 


Some of the best beaches are Livada, Kalyvia, and Apigania. Livada Beach is a very large but secluded spot with amazing geological formations.  It’s at the end of a rocky path down the mountainside on the southeast side of the island. Kalyvia Beach is a hip little bay with a beach bar and big rocks to dive off of. Apigania Beach is a rustic cerulean cove on the southwest side of the island. There are no facilities here so bring your own snacks and umbrella! Pyrgos Village, known as the sculptor’s village, is a quick drive along a scenic coastal road out of Tinos. The quaint village has a wide central plaza with restaurants, shops and museums. The Museum of Marble Crafts showcases marble arts throughout history and the Chalepas Museum is the preserved family home of the famous sculptor, Giannoulis Chalepas.  In Tinos town, you should definitely visit the impressive Panagia Evangelistria. On the street leading up to the church you’ll see a red carpet affixed to the ground.  This is for the pilgrims who crawl over 1km on their hands and knees, from the base of the hill to the inside of the church, to prove their devotion to God. For dining out, Koutouki Tis Elenis in the old part of town has delicious homestyle Greek food and an eclectic decor. For nightlife, try Argonautis Bar, a place where the artsy locals go.