Northern Aegean

Armenitisis Port, Ikaria Island

Northern Aegean Islands (sometimes called the Northeastern Aegean and sometimes just Eastern Aegean): an archipelago in – as the name suggests – the Northeast corner of the Aegean Sea, next to mainland Turkey.  Some of the islands have pine forests and are green, and the architectural style tends to be stone with red ceramic tile roofs. Some highlights from the region are the medieval villages of Chios, and the thermal springs and ancient forests of Ikaria.

Chios Island

General Information about the N. Aegean Islands

There are about twelve islands with at least basic tourist facilities.  The big ones are: Ikaria, Samos, Chios, Lesvos, Limnos, Samothraki (Samothrace), and Thasos. The smaller ones are Agios Efstratios, Inousses (Oinnousses), Fournoi, and Psara.  Small islands that don’t have rentals posted online (but there may be rooms for rent if you go in person): Agia Minas, Plakaki, Samiopoula, Thymaina (Thimena).

Kokkari Village, Samos Island

Travel Information for the N. Aegean Islands

THE ISLANDS WITH AIRPORTS are Chios, Ikaria, Lemnos, Lesvos, and Samos.  Aegean AirlinesSky Express, and Olympic Airlines all service the Greek Islands.

THE MAIN FERRY DEPARTURE POINT to the N. Aegean Islands is from Piraeus (Athens), Cesme (Turkey), and Kavala (mainland Greece). It’s also possible to get here from some of the more popular Dodecanese and Cyclades islands.

FERRY SCHEDULES are on Open Seas and Let’s Ferry

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