Sporades…the most northern archipelago in the Aegean Sea, mostly characterized by its pine tree landscape. It’s also home to Europe’s largest protected marine area. There are only four islands in this group: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros. They’re relatively isolated from the other archipelagos. There are no ferries linking the Sporades to the other groups, but there are two islands with airports: Skiathos and Skyros.


General Information about the Sporades

The most touristy and developed islands are Skiathos and Skopelos. Skiathos is known as the island with the most organized beaches and nightlife. Skopelos has a charming main village. Alonnissos and Skyros are more unassuming. Alonissos is a nature lover’s paradise while Skyros feels more like a Cycladic island with it’s ochre landscape and white houses.

Travel Information for the Sporades

ISLANDS WITH AIRPORTS are Skiathos and Skyros

THE MAIN FERRY DEPARTURE POINTS are on mainland Greece: Thessaloniki, Evia, and Volos

ISLAND HOPPING is really only within the archipelago, unless you want to fly, but most flights are routed through Athens so you could lose a day in transit.

FERRY SCHEDULES are on Let’s Ferry and Open Seas. Skyros also has its own ferry company called the Skyros Shipping Company

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